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Transfer Evaluation Submission System (TESS)

OCU is pleased to offer this site to help students with transfer credit from other accredited institutions. Should you have any questions please discuss them with your advisor and/or the registrar's office.
Current Students

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Not a Current Student?

This site was built to help you determine how your hard work at other accredited institutions will count here at OCU. Please select from one of the options below.   
  • Just thinking about attending and want to get an idea of how your course work may count towards a degree at OCU? Then click here.
  • Have your courses not been evaluated? Then feel free to submit a request to evaluate them, normal evaluation times vary but in most cases shouldn't take longer than a few business days. To begin create an account to submit your courses for evaluation. Click here.
  • Have you already created an account and just want to check on the status or an existing request or perhaps request additional evaluations? Click here.
Faculty & Advisors

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