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Concerning Behavior
Referral Form

All students and employees should consider it their responsibility to report concerning behaviors to the OCU Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) for the safety and well-being of the OCU campus community. If a person is an immediate threat to themselves or someone else or is incapable of caring for themselves, call OCUPD at (405) 208-5911.

Person of Concern:
Please provide as much detail as possible in answering the following questions.
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Areas of Concern:
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Additional Information:
Description of Behavior - Describe in detail any incidents in which the individual referenced above exhibited concerning behavior. Provide specifics such as dates, times, locations, individuals involved and the person's demeanor at the time of contact.
Actions Taken - Please describe any action you may have taken to address the concerning behavior and how the individual responded to your attempts. If none, please write N/A.
Reporting Party Information
While anonymous reports are accepted, you are STRONGLY encouraged to provide your contact information in case further detail is needed in understanding the situation or identifying the individual of concern. This also allows us to acknowledge your submission.
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  • I understand that furnishing false information is a violation of university policy.
  • Though the name of the referrer will not initially be provided, a referred person will be given specific information about the concerning behavior so that they can appropriately respond to the concern. It is likely that the referred individual will determine who made the report based on the circumstances.
  • While the BIT team will acknowledge all submissions, only limited information will be shared regarding the situation, as FERPA and HIPAA confidentiality applies in many cases.